Sanitary Ostomy System, Inc


1 SOS Starter Kit and 3 Traveler Kits

A graphic of a Traveler Kit and Sanitary Ostomy System together

1 SOS Starter Kit & 3 Traveler Kits

Order one of these bundles for $40.00. A Savings of $17.25 plus FREE SHIPPING!

Order 5 or more Traveler Kits and Save 20%

A photo of a Traveler Kit

Order 5 or more Traveler Kits

Order Five or More Traveler Kits for $10 each. A Savings of 20% plus FREE SHIPPING!


The Sanitary Ostomy System

"A reusable solution to emptying your pouch. Ideal for ostomates or caregivers."

Image of a Sanitary Ostomy System

The SOS Starter Kit


  • Snap-on roller mechanism
  • Ten wipes
  • 5 SOS Collection Bags

Price for one SOS Starter Kit is $19.75

The SOS Kit


  • Snap-on roller mechanism
  • Ten wipes
  • 30 SOS Collection bags

Price for SOS Kit is $30.00


SOS Collection Bags

Thirty SOS Collection Bags for $15.90

Sixty SOS Collection Bags for $30.


Ninety SOS Collection Bags for $43.20

120 SOS Collection Bags for $55.20


The Traveler Kit It goes where you go, when you go

Photo of a Traveler Kit

The Traveler Kit

"The Traveler Kit is Self-Contained and Disposable. No fuss, no muss."


  • Snap-on roller mechanism
  • Three wipes
  • Attached collection bag
  • Pair of gloves

Price for one Traveler Kit is $12.50